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Charm small town big event "build"!


Charm small town big event "build"!

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2019/11/28 17:32
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At that time, spring is not only a charming scenery, but also a pleasant surprise and harvest. On March 29, Beijiao home furnishing building materials Co., Ltd. made a great contribution to 2015, cooperated with the top 14 leading brands of Beijiao home furnishing building materials Co., Ltd. and cooperated with Juhui to successfully hold an annual super value home furnishing feast in the international banquet hall on the second floor of Beijiao Huameida Plaza Hotel!

At that time, spring is not only a charming scenery, but also a pleasant surprise and harvest. On March 29, Beijiao home furnishing building materials Co., Ltd. made a great contribution to 2015, cooperated with the top 14 leading brands of Beijiao home furnishing building materials Co., Ltd. and cooperated with Juhui to successfully hold an annual super value home furnishing feast in the international banquet hall on the second floor of Beijiao Huameida Plaza Hotel!

The site gathered more than ten domestic first-line lethal building materials brands, including sunderburg bathroom, Dongpeng ceramic tile, Leishi lighting, boss kitchen appliances, etc., so that you can prepare all the main materials for home decoration at one time, experience one-stop shopping discounts and convenience, while enjoying the comfortable experience brought by high-end home decoration quality, the price is even more surprising, creating low price miracles.

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