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Love fans June day, victory Fort water tank high explosion Shanghai beach!


Love fans June day, victory Fort water tank high explosion Shanghai beach!

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2019/11/28 17:30
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From June 3 to June 6, shengdebao bathroom and new kitchen stainless steel sink appeared in booth B30 of E3 Hall of the 20th Shanghai international kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition in 2015. With high-quality workmanship and fashionable appearance, customers in front of the exhibition cabinet of shengdebao sink came in an endless stream, eager to see the truth of Lushan of the new series of sinks.

From June 3 to June 6, shengdebao bathroom and new kitchen stainless steel sink appeared in booth B30 of E3 Hall of the 20th Shanghai international kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition in 2015. With high-quality workmanship and fashionable appearance, customers in front of the exhibition cabinet of shengdebao sink came in an endless stream, eager to see the truth of Lushan of the new series of sinks.

Just after the opening of the exhibition, shengdebao booth has been surrounded. Customers from home and abroad stop at the front of the sample to inquire about the relevant information of the products carefully. The king of performance and price ratio integrated stretching groove has been favored as always, and the brand-new manual groove series has also been praised by customers. The first day of the exhibition has been a success!

In the second day of the exhibition, the opening of the exhibition once again attracted many customers to come to the exhibition, and the number of on-site consultants and customers with cooperation intention was also increasing, and on-site information registration was carried out one after another. We will receive every customer who comes for consultation carefully. As long as we leave your name and contact information, we will make a return visit after the exhibition and look forward to cooperation between the two sides.

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